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Spanning a variety of markets in local jurisdictions and across the world, Fugro always has something interesting going on.  

Whether it’s leading a joint venture to conduct geotechnical studies for flood protection improvements; engineering and testing foundation systems for massive LNG terminals and nuclear power plants; applying program management skills to large-scale construction materials testing assignments; or guiding the geotechnical design of water and transportation systems in urban areas, Fugro’s people are in the middle of the action.

Further, by concerning ourselves with earth issues every day, we are serious about sustainability. Fugro has several LEED Accredited Professionals to assist “green” design and construction.  These areas cover site selection/development , environmental resource management,  alternative materials for construction (e.g., geotextiles, fly ash, pavements, roofing), and quality of recycled products.

Fugro:  Interesting projects.  Everywhere.