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About Fugro GeoServices

In 1987, McClelland Engineers (formed in 1946) and Fugro (formed in 1962) merged to form an international multi-disciplined engineering firm. Today Fugro operates in 50 different countries with nearly 15,000 employees in approximately 275 locations.

Fugro has been performing engineering services in North America since 1946. Our engineers and technicians have been involved in many wide-ranging engineering design studies and/or construction programs. Our Calgary offices have professional and technical staff with a wide range of geo-specialist backgrounds.

The Fugro Difference...

Fugro GeoServices Ltd. is a fully integrated geotechnical and geospacial services provider located in Calgary and with a staff of engineers, geologists, technicians, and scientists, we work through a network of offices and technical centres to serve projects throughout Canada, United States, Latin America and abroad.

With extensive drilling capabilities and one of the largest equipment inventories in the world, Fugro has the ability to explore onshore, near-shore, and offshore under varying environmental or trafficability conditions. Fugro in North America operate one of the world's premier soil testing laboratories. We combine sound local resources with Fugro's international business to address the most complex of situations-or the simplest - with the goal of delivering an optimum solution each and every time.